Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cash for clunker appliances now includes central air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps

Effective July 28, the California Energy Commission (CEC) will be administering an estimated $20 million for the California State Energy Efficient Appliances Rebate Program (SPEEARP), also known as cash for clunker appliances.

For the first time central air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps will be included in this program. Funding will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible residential consumers who purchase California qualified residential Energy Star appliances. The new heating and air system must replace equipment of the same type that is properly recycled; limit one system per household.

This program will provide up to $1300 in rebates on high efficiency central air conditioners, high-efficiency furnaces and high-efficiency heat pump systems. This $1300, combined with federal tax credits, utility rebates and manufacturer rebates will enable homeowners to get as much as $4,200.00 towards the installation of a new heating and cooling system.

$4200 is huge amount; in my 36 years in the industry I have never seen rebates and incentives like this. Qualifying homeowners will be able to get the most energy efficient equipment ever designed for a fraction of the price. And best of all you will be able to slash the cost of heating and cooling your home 30% to 70%.

This truly is the best time in the history of heating and air conditioning to buy a new furnace or air conditioner. Money for this program is expected to go quickly as it will be providing funds for the entire state of California on major appliances, boilers as well as the replacement of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Restrictions do apply, contact ASI Hastings Heating and Air Conditioning for details. We have energy rebate specialists on staff to answer all your questions.